The right tool for the right slay

One thing I’ve always wanted to hear is a player taking the time to describe a weapon in detail. not Aesthetic details, necessarily- They come up with them on their own, if they care at all. I mean the kind of details that betray knowledge of what weapon they’re talking about. This can be expected to be rare, of course- not many DMs would even care, I don’t think. Not many players care to research weapons history even enough to know the difference between a rapier and a small sword (no, I won’t tell you, just look it up on wikipedia why don’t you).

‘Twould warm my heart for a player to take the time to think about what tool they would need for a specific job- to take the time to carry a ‘Basket-Hilted Falchion’ at their side (or even to know that falchions are actually one-handed). To have a parrying dagger strapped to their upper left arm, point down for fast draw. If they had martial weapon proficiency, I might even house rule that it gives them +1 to AC. I’d love to hear someone bundle a cloak around their off hand for a duel, or throw a ‘well-balanced schmaler langsax’ instead of just a dagger.

To hear the ‘Aspiring Warlord’ Fighter mention a ricasso and (parrying hooks/parierhaken/flukes) on their (Claedheam mor/Zweihander/Flammenschwert). To hear them consider a Falcata before it gets featured in some source book, or ask for a ‘pattern welded sword’ (never mentioned in any source book I’ve heard of).

To hear a single person put not just imagination into their weapon, but information as well.


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