Synonyms For Necromancer

Generally, if you’re talking about one with power over the undead, you say ‘necromancer’. But, of course, the word is relatively unrelated in etymology; it means something along the lines of ‘dead body diviner’, which I would say sounds like an extremely evocative name for a spirit called up by ‘speak with dead’. If I’m going to use it for that, however, I need an alternate name for sorcerers specialising in reanimation; here are a few that I would rather use.

Aculeiform Thanatopsist. Aculeiform, meaning ‘thorn-like’, and thanatopsis, meaning ‘view of death’. Linguists correct me if I am wrong, but one who thinks about death frequently could then be called a ‘thanatopsist’. This would mean ‘a thorn-like person who thinks about death’, or ‘one who looks on death like a thorn’. Thanatologist might be a safer bet, but I prefer the relative obsucrity of ‘opsis’ to the relatively commonplace ‘ology’. Alternately, sagittiform (like an arrow) would work.

Abraidener, from the Middle English verb ‘abraiden’ (alternately, abreiden and therefore abreidener), meaning to start up, rouse, reproach, or move. Abraiden comes from the even elder ‘abregdan’, meaning to ‘pull out, wrench out, draw, unsheathe, lift up, start up’, usually used in relation to a sword, or possibly a conflict. This has the advantage of being obsolete English, and so sounding familiar, as well as having a relatively simple meaning.

Bantling-daw, meaning ‘bastard child crow’. This one works well as a term for the common man to use, derogatorily, being made of common English words recently fallen out of use.

Carnedaedalus, an artificer of flesh.

Desacralist, from desacralise, meaning ‘to divest of sacred qualities or religious significance’. This could therefore mean either one who desecrates, or a pragmatist who cares little for religious tradition.

Flamen Carnis, meaning ‘priest of flesh’.

Fossarian, usually meaning one of two things: 1) a minor 4th century clergyman employed as a gravedigger, or 2) one of a 15th century sect which rejected the sacraments and instead celebrated their own peculiar rites in ditches and caves. Rich history, already has varied meaning, comes from the same root as ‘fossil’ and ‘fossor’-

Frithwreck, from ‘frith’, an Old English word meaning peace, sanctuary, preservation, etc.

Inquinator Mors, as far as I know, is Latin for ‘one who corrupts or pollutes death or the dead’. This one is probably one of my most etymologically pure, but it doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Oh well.

Lethologist, one who studies oblivion or forgetfulness.

Necrodaedalus, one who crafts or crafts with corpses.

Necrogyve, ‘one who binds or shackles the dead’.

Ossedaedalus, a crafter of bones.


One Response to “Synonyms For Necromancer”

  1. Nice list. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for some of those.

    More love for my favorite class/specialist wizard variety is always welcome.

    Also, necropraxer: death worker.

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