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Captain Bear’s Random Magic Weapon Tables

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A page of very ‘kitchen sink’ tables which enable you, with only a d20 and a d12, to generate a

  • Cutlass
  • Made of Elder God’s Blood
  • Tempered in Nun’s Tears
  • with a Secret Compartment Full of Weed
  •  that Vibrates When Warm,
  • Enables you to Wear an Eyepatch Without Hampering Your Depth Perception,
  • and summons your very own Giant Bald Eagle for all your travel needs!

Why yes, I DID join the Encounter Critical mailing list recently, why do you ask?


Northern Shore Update

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So, obviously, it’s past the 1st. There doesn’t really seem to be an excess of interest in a play-by-post. It will probably just be postponed until somebody responds- bummer.